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Shimi Research Center Pvt Ltd is a leading CO2 Recovery Scrubber Manufacturer in India. We manufacture export quality CO2 Recovery Scrubber with superlative raw materials. This is a multistage medium to high pressure scrubbing technology where the impurities in the form of particulate matter (dust) and SOx are removed effectively from gas streams ensuring clean source of CO2 at low temperature for either further purification or direct use in reactor for the preparation of precipitated calcium carbonate, the main filler used in paper industries. Because of our eminent product quality we are continuously exporting CO2 Recovery Scrubbers in different parts of the world. At present we are one of the leading exporters of CO2 Recovery Scrubbers in Middle East and South Africa.

In the initial stage of scrubbing, the particulate matter is removed from the gas stream followed by the SOx. The scrubbing media has high affinity for SOx without effecting the concentration of CO2 in the gas stream.

The water recycling is an optional part of the system and is used when the gas stream contains high particulate matter concentration or temperature. The system will remove the impurities from the contaminated water and ensure clean recycled media for reuse.

CO2 Recovery Scrubber are available in SS-316L and PP for high and low temperature applications respectively.


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  • State of the art equipment.
  • Higher system longevity.
  • Exclusive – one of a kind- Tailor Made Solutions to match  all your needs.
  • Flexible designs to suit variation in available space.
  • Provision of adjustable throat for variable air quantity.
  • High Efficiency (99% and above) with Low Pressure Drops.
  • Low purchase costs.
  • Low Maintenance expenditure.
  • User friendly and easy to handle constructions.
  • Made in arts and assembled in site during erection and commissioning.
  • Provision of extensive safety features for smooth and trouble free operation.
  • A team of knowledgeable professionals dedicated solely to your project.
  • Dependable Customer Support.
  • Free 1 year warranty.
  • Regular system upgrades offerings by our R&D Division.
  • Construction available in MS, SS-304, SS-316 as per requirement.
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